About Us


SongSpeak Music was established in 1999 as the publishing and production entity for the music of Terry Lee Burns. Through the years, SongSpeak has evolved into a full-service music production company specializing in creating and providing music for film, television, and other media. 


Utilizing massive, state of the art sample libraries from Spitfire and East-West, SongSpeak specializes in creating orchestral soundscapes ranging from lovely, simple melodic pieces to powerful, dramatic scores. Drawing upon the influences of many of the greatest film composers (Hans Zimmer, James Horner, John Barry) and others, SongSpeak strives to provide film makers, producers, and audiences with musical soundtracks designed to enhance the film experience.


Soundscapes and soundtracks are available in a wide variety of formats including .wav files and Mp3 files. Stems are also available for use in custom mixes. All material is professionally mixed and mastered and is "broadcast ready." Complete scores are also available upon request. Contact us for your soundtrack needs. Thanks!